Where To Live In Austin If You Work For Apple

Posted by Diane Johnson on Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 at 12:12pm.

Where to Live in Austin If You Work For Apple
Although Apple is known primarily for its Silicon Valley campus in Cupertino, CA, one of the biggest campuses the company has is actually the corporate one located in Austin. With over 6,000 people working there, the Austin Apple campus is a huge employer in the area. 

They say that when choosing a home, you have to think of three things – a housing triangle – if you will. Cost, location, and comfort are usually the three main considerations, and many agents will suggest choosing two that are important and one that you’d be willing to compromise. But for Apple employees in Austin, there are several nearby neighborhoods to choose from where you won’t have to compromise on anything. Here’s a rundown of some of the best places to live if you work for Apple: 

North Austin 

With the Apple campus located to the north of the city, many employees choose North Austin as a neighborhood to settle into. This community offers exceptional homes at reasonable prices and is located within commuting distance to the campus. Additionally, North Austin also has easy access to downtown, which is perfect for enjoying time after work and spending exciting weekends exploring all that Austin has to offer. 

Within North Austin, there are several other smaller communities that each have their own distinguished features. From older, established homes to new developments and modern constructions, North Austin is perfect for anyone looking for a quiet, affordable, nice community to raise a family. 

North Burnet 

North Burnet is an upscale neighborhood that has a “concrete jungle” feel to it. With minimal green space and a variety of luxury condos, row homes, and deluxe single-family homes, North Burnet is a great neighborhood for those looking for a low-maintenance home to purchase. Most of the condos in the area also come with exceptional amenities like fitness centers, pools, entertainment rooms, and more, perfect for active professionals. 

The community is also home to several upscale shopping districts and fine dining options for residents to enjoy. Also, North Burnet is still close to downtown, making it easy to enjoy the quirky amenities in Austin since there isn’t as much nightlife in North Burnet than in some of the more southern Austin neighborhoods. 


Part of the metro Austin area, Pflugerville is big enough to be considered its own city. The population of the town has grown exponentially over the past few years and it only continues to get bigger as it’s so conveniently close to the tech sector and companies such as Apple. 

Although it was once a quiet town, Pflugerville is now home to affordable homes and exceptional family amenities. Parks, paths, and green space are readily available as well as access to chain stores and a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Pflugerville places a high value on its local German heritage and the entire community rallies around the youth in the area, providing high-quality schools, excellent after-school programs, and more.

North Loop 

If you think that areas like Zilker Park, Lady Bird Lake, and South Austin are the only places to find hip and exciting amenities, you are definitely forgetting about North Loop. A few minutes north of Central Austin, North Loop offers all the amazing quirks and uniqueness found in other parts of the city. With trendy vintage stores, cafes, food trucks, and more, North Loop is a casual and effortlessly cool neighborhood. 

With mostly stylish mid-century homes, mature trees, and a comfy laid-back vibe, North Loop is perfect for trendy Apple employees who care about supporting local businesses and taking advantage of the best parts of Austin. 

Northwest Hills 

Just off Hwy 1, the community of Northwest Hills is a great spot for families working at Apple. With easy and short commutes, you’ll get to enjoy the most of this hilly, scenic, upscale community. Most of the other residents are also employed in the tech sector and you will find exceptional, top-rated schools right in the area. Upscale dining, shopping, and entertainment are also available in the community, making it a popular choice for families who like to stay active and go out. 

The community is also home to some fun annual events and parades as well as providing numerous parks, walking, and bike paths to get outside and stay active. 

Whether you’re a family-oriented Apple employee looking for a place to settle with the kids or an up-and-coming young gun working your way up the professional ladder, there are tons of housing options in Austin. As one of the most diverse and unique cities in the US, you will find exactly what you are looking for without needing to compromise on price, quality, or location. 

To learn more about the real estate options for Apple employees in Austin, contact Diane Johnson at Keller Williams Realty today.

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