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Downsizing your Austin home

Are you a recent retiree or empty-nester living in an Austin home that is simply too big for your personal needs? This is the case for many people as they start to age out of their family home and look for something a bit smaller, and more manageable. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with downsizing your Austin home, and, in fact, for many Austin residents, it’s a great way to feel rejuvenated and free in your golden years. 

Here’s everything you need to know about downsizing your Austin home:

Signs It's Time to Downsize 

As we grow up and enter the working world, the status quo is to aim for a big house with a big yard. When you’re raising a family, that’s not a problem, but as your kids move out, you may start to feel that your big home is a

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Preparing Your Austin Home For Sale For the Spring Market
Traditionally, spring is the hottest time to put a house on the real estate market. Everything comes back to life from winter, and properties show in their best light with favorable weather conditions. There’s also more buyers in the area who’ve returned from vacationing, and they’re ready to see what’s out there! If you’re considering putting your Austin home on the market for spring, it’s better to over-prepare by starting now! Your Austin real estate doesn’t have to be perfect since there’s typically smaller competition in a seller’s market. Here are some quick updates that will pay off in the selling of your Austin home.

Polishing Up Exteriors

Take a good look at the overall appearance of the outside of your home, upclose and from a distance. If

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10 tips for staging your home in austin

Spring is here and in the world of real estate, that can mean one thing—home selling season! With the motivation to start those renovation projects sitting on your 'To-Do' list, like decluttering your home or cleaning up your landscaping, spring is the ideal time for homeowners to finally put their home on the market.

This is often easier said than done. Whether you've decided to work with a real estate agent or want to try your hand at selling privately, staging your home makes a huge impact; staged homes sell two to three times faster and up to six percent more than unstaged homes! The goal is to invite interested buyers to envision themselves living in your home by highlighting the most attractive areas while distracting from those that may be a

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Model homes in varying sizesWhen we think of holding out for your ideal home, what often comes to mind is the process of saving over the years until you can by the grand estate you deserve. Then we stay there until retirement which is the appropriate time to downsize. But there is a wealth of reasons one might consider taking this step many, many years before retirement rolls around. Whether you're part of a large family or a small one, a couple, or a single professional, it's often possible to trim down on space and unnecessary belongings, and many people can find at least one reason that applies to their lifestyle. But downsizing requires careful planning and it may not be right for everyone. Here are 3 key questions to ask yourself to help you make the decision.

What Potential

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Real estate market concepts you should knowWhen it comes to searching for or selling a home, you're likely going to come across market concepts that you haven't previously encountered or researched. Don't worry — this happens to even the most seasoned buyers. Each time you buy a home, or as you become more involved in real estate, you'll likely want to understand the market better. While the concepts listed here may not always pertain directly to the success of your purchase or sale, they simply make you more knowledgeable about local trends—and that's always beneficial. Whether you thought it was "too late to ask", or you skipped over these 9 terms in favor of more pressing data, read through this handy list and you'll automatically have conquered the first step to an in-depth understanding of

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Reasons your Austin home isn't sellingYou've done all the work. You've had a home evaluation and listed your house accordingly. You've spent hours online looking up homes similar to yours to see what they've sold or are selling for. You've asked around, even stared longingly at "SOLD" signs on your block.

"Why isn't my house selling?" is a question we often hear. Luckily for you, we have some pretty good advice. Demand for homes is high in Austin's sizzling seller's market, so it's usually easy to pinpoint where you've missed a beat in your selling process. Check out our 5 reasons your Austin home isn't selling below so you can make sure you've covered all your bases!

Your Marketing Isn't The Absolute Best

Home marketingIf you or your agent didn't do everything they possibly could to market your

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Austin's market is booming and new developments are popping up at a rate that often seems unbelievable. From sleek city high-rises to spacious Hill Country estates, these properties often make it seem like selling a more established home will be a time-consuming and difficult task. While that's not entirely true, as many buyers are looking for older or smaller homes, it certainly doesn't hurt to add value where you can. Whether you're looking for a stylish renovation to enjoy yourself, or you're hoping to sell ASAP, these measures can help transform your property into something as good as one of those gorgeous new homes — and maybe even more desirable to certain buyers.


Toss the carpets

Ripping up your carpets might be the key to

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preparing to sell austin tx homeDo you or your family need more space or less space? Need to relocate for work, education or activities? Or do you just want a change of scenery or a fresh start? While there are a countless reasons to relocate from your existing Austin home, the fact is you will likely need to sell before you buy; and while the reasons for selling may vary greatly, there are a few things to keep in mind that will aid in the successful sale of your current home. Selling your home can be an intimidating task, but with a little knowledge up front, and some preparation, that task can be made just a little bit easier. Here are our top 4 ways to prepare to sell your Austin, TX home!

1. Value of Your Home

Do you know how much your house is worth? Is the value in line with

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signs your home is ready for the market1. You've amped up the curb appeal, inside and out

There's nothing like a well-organized, freshly cleaned home, and if you're planning on putting yours on the market, you'll have to get it up to speed. That means a full home staging, whether by yourself or a professional. Home staging is much more than just decorating. In fact, this could be the longest part of the preparation process, but don't get discouraged: it's well worth it.

Get started with a full house clean, from top to bottom. De-clutter and de-personalize as you go. If you've got a lot of items to hide, consider getting a storage unit. Touch up the paint, make small repairs, and make sure there isn't a dog or cat hair in sight.

2. You've had your home inspected

Most buyers will

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Buyers are prepping their home checklists and flagging their favorite listings. Spring is here and the home hunting season is about to get well under way. So if you’re a seller, how should you be getting ready for the season? You’ll certainly want to take advantage of the budding buyers and ensure that your Austin home hits the nail on the head!

Homes typically don’t sell on one factor alone; rather they win over the hearts of buyers by presenting the ideal combination of home, location, and deal.

spring home selling tipsThe Home

While you may not be living in your home for much longer, the classic spring clean is still an essential, if not even more so than before. Kick off the warmer weather by busting out your sponges, mops, and cleaners. Work your way from top to

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