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Austin is one place where you can guarantee that there will be plenty of exciting events going on every season throughout the year. With an abundance of year-round sunshine, a thriving music and art scene, cutting-edge cuisine and beverages, and some of the most beautiful indoor and outdoor venues in the country, our vibrant city is ripe for a rich calendar of events.

Fall in Austin is no exception, with a range of amazing festivities and activities for all ages. We doubt you'll ever be bored with downtown Austin, East Austin, and the Hill Country at your doorstep, but if you need some fresh ideas and inspiration of how to spend your autumn days in Austin, we can definitely help.

Here are 5 upcoming events you won't want to miss this fall of 2018!

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Austin food trends in 2018
Austin is a game-changer when it comes to staying at the top in various industries, but most famously, the Texan city continues to be a key candidate in setting and adopting food trends. For years, the city of Austin has earned its reputation of being a food mecca with one of the healthier populations in the country. Last year was one of the most important years for the grocery industry in history. Let’s see what Austin has on their menu for 2018 food trends.

1. Future Supermarkets

Supermarket trends this year have a deep focus on providing a holistic shopping experience. Everything from quiet stores without PA announcements, to rooftop gardens, and 100% waste- free retailers package-free, are just some of the changes that you’ll hear about in the

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Here at Keller Williams Austin, we are proud to give back to the communities that we serve. We recently gave out special holiday gifts to 19 local families battling cancer, infusing their holidays with a little more love. A total of 80 children received a present and everyone involved had a great time. See the video below!

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Austin is a foodie's haven, with top notch cuisine from around the world and a meal available to settle any and every craving. Yet for those of us who have full schedules until late evening or night, those options are often cut in half. But eating out at night doesn't always mean you have to settle for burgers and fries (unless you want to). Here is a roundup of some of Austin's best late-night gourmet luxuries, so you can enjoy high-quality food — and endless choice — 24/7.



La Mexicana Bakery

Family-owned and undeniably cozy, this charming bakery has a unique selection which challenges the notion that late night food has to consist of standard diner fare or savory dishes. Featuring a menu with options such as iced cakes, Mexican pan dulce

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2015 has been an exciting year for Austin in terms of real estate, culture, and recreation. The excitement is only set to increase with the extraordinary number of projects that have recently opened or announced. Here is a round-up of our top 5 projects coming to Austin (or newly arrived). From cuisine to condos, these leave you with endless choice — whether you're deciding where to eat tonight or where to live for the next 10 years!



Juniper is a unique Italian restaurant that unveiled its location on Tuesday, October 13th 2015. While Austin has a wealth of amazing Italian restaurants — some of the best, in fact — this is not your typical pizza and pasta joint. Juniper's chefs will craft dishes based on traditional Northern Italian

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Want to experience Austin at its best? Austin is a high-tech city, and everything is interconnected — so what better way to maximize your lifestyle than to get connected to some locally favored mobile apps? Whether you're looking to save time (so you can do more), find events, or just make things easier on yourself, explore our sampler of top 7 apps below. Many Austinites will find themselves using an app for almost everything in their daily lives. These apps are perfect for those who are just getting started in their digital Austin life — as well as more seasoned users.


Brewdrop is one of Austin's top delivery apps. If you're preparing to host a dinner party and don't have time to pick up a bottle of wine, or you're in the middle of

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Where to Watch the Perseid Meteor Showers In Austin TX

It's that time of the year again: the peak of summer. The Perseids are expected to light up the sky with optimal brightness this week, and skies should be clear enough to create a great show. However, we do live in a busy city, bustling with lights and sounds that go hand-in-hand with being a metropolitan center. So, the question stands: where can Austinites go to enjoy true night sky visibility? Well, sometimes it takes a little driving, but it will be worth it when you lie down and gaze up at the scenic celestial vistas! Whether you're an astronomy enthusiast, someone looking for a romantic night, or just want to grab some memorable photos, try these 6 Austin-area spots to get an unbeatable glimpse of the world's favorite meteor show!


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5 Great Places To Spend the Fourth of July In AustinAustin is one of the greatest cities in the country for Independence Day celebrations. One of the things that makes Austin stand out on this day is variety — we know there is no one way to celebrate! Whether you prefer crowd-filled, boisterous parties or something more relaxing, Austin has an event for you. From the classic to the quirky, here are 5 different ways to rejoice this year!

Hill Country Galleria Independence Day Festival

Hill Country Galleria is living up to its reputation and throwing one of the biggest, best, family-friendly Fourth of July Parties in Hill Country. This crowd-drawing event is set to feature plenty of local musicians and vendors. Visitors will delight in the lovely setups across Hill Country Boulevard and the fantastic

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You know what they say: “If you can’t stand the heat…” then you likely aren’t among the more than 15,000 spectators each year that yearn for the burn and attend the annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival.

Initially started a competition between Austin and nearby San Antonio, the annual festival, celebrating 25 years in 2015, has grown to be one of the major events (or should we say major parties) celebrated in downtown Austin. Held in late August at Fiesta Gardens, the festival coincides with the summer pepper harvest and attracts thousands of heat seekers from all over the country. This year’s festival takes place on Sunday, August 23rd and there’s every indication this will be the best year yet!

Billed as the world’s largest festival of

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east austin renaissanceAustin has recently received a lot of buzz - it was named the best place to buy a home, a tech and counter-culture capital, and one of the friendliest cities in America just in this past year. Austin is increasingly being regarded as a futuristic city at the forefront of "smart" building and sustainable development. Just this month, an Austin home was awarded the prestigious title of best energy-smart home of the year.

Most of this adoration, however tends to focus on real estate at the core of the city. However, the complete realization of this trailblazing, hyper-advanced Austin has another side to it.

East Austin is a perfect example of a formerly low cost & low-income area of Austin that has been subject to a sharp increase in prices due to some

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