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Whether you own a resale or new construction Austin home, there almost certainly are extra steps you can take to make your residence even more eco-friendly than it already is. While the path to a "green house" might be longer for those with older homes — many newly built Austin-area homes were built with green initiatives in mind — almost everyone can benefit from embracing eco living. That being said, figuring out how to start doing so can sometimes be a little overwhelming or intimidating. That's why we've put together this handy checklist for you; so, whether you want to fully reinvent your home for maximum efficiency and minimum impact, or just make a few small changes, you know your options.

Think About Your Water Usage

There are plenty of

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Austin College Grad Banner


College grad with question marksIt's no secret that Austin is popular among young professionals. The rich local culture, amazing property options, and thriving economy all contribute to a city that is ultra-appealing to a crowd that's not quite willing to continue a whirlwind student life but not quite ready to settle in the suburbs — or in the Texas Hill Country. The growing appeal among this crowd is clear to see; in fact, the number of college graduates aged 25 to 34 living in Austin increased by 44 percent between 2000 and 2012.

Since Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, we usually don't have to do much convincing for those who are considering settling here. That being said, if you're a) a recent local college grad who's considering leaving

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2017 Homeowner Resolutions

2017 is well on its way, and while resolutions are already starting to dwindle, your goals for the year don't need to. Rather than setting lofty benchmarks that you dread working toward, make this the year for taking care of your home. Nothing is quite as satisfying as working on and improving the house that you live in, so why not fill this year with mini-objectives that allow you to maintain and improve your home?

We've put together this month-by-month /seasonal guide, starting with maintenance essentials and working up to little luxuries. By 2018, you should have a home that's perfectly kept up, clean, organized, efficient, and beautiful. Ready to get started? Here's your guide to 2017 homeowner resolutions, from now until August.


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Pennybacker Bridge, Austin Texas

If you love small-town living, but dream of prestigious job opportunities at growing firms in the city, you've probably had to think about commuting once or twice. Yet, committing to a commute can be daunting. When you already have to spend eight hours at work each day, having to tack on additional travel time seems like a big downside, but this doesn't have to be the case. Most Greater Austin communities, like Pflugerville, Round Rock, and Elgin are half an hour away from the city center. Half an hour is a short enough span of time to be reasonable, yet long enough that you can use that time to accomplish something.

Here are five ways to have a productive commute to work:

1. Read

If you're taking the train, you can use this time to curl up

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Austin is a truly world-class city, and on the surface it may seem like an expensive one. But the truth is that the city is full of amazing opportunities that won't break the bank. Sure, if you're dining out every evening, paying entry fees to exclusive events, and trying every one of the latest must-sees that seem to pop up weekly, things might get pricey. But it's even easier to enjoy the city on a budget. If you're low on ideas, here are 27 hints that will spark your imagination and motivate you to explore ATX in thrifty and nifty ways.

1) Take a dip at a local pool

2) Find a sparkling swimming hole

3) Go for a city or wilderness hike

4) Explore Austin's free museums

5) Discover art & science synthesis at Art.Science.Gallery.


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Here in Austin, we talk a lot about savory food. From tacos to hot dogs to sushi, our signature food trucks are often the first things that come to mind when we think of local 'must-tries'. But as summer comes into view, what we're often dreaming of is that childhood favorite: ice cream! Whether you grew up eating rich, homemade fare, or you had a favorite parlor, you're probably wondering where you can find ice cream of the same quality today. Well, the scene certainly has changed — the city is now home to a collection of burgeoning artisan ice cream venues, pioneering game-changers that have introduced the city to a roster of innovative new flavors. Want to find out for yourself? Let these 6 spectacular ice cream spots take you back to those hazy summer

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With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, it’s time to find that perfect place in Austin to take your Dad out to and show him how much you appreciate him for everything he’s done. What better way to catch up with your Dad than by attending any of these great events available in the Austin area. It’s a perfect opportunity to reminisce about the stage when you began to beat him soundly in a number of different games. No matter the tastes he has, the following are some of the events in Austin that are certain to make this Father’s Day a day he will hold dear for a long time.

Father’s Day BrewBCruise on Lady Bird Lake

Sun, water, boating, beer, and BBQ. There doesn’t need to be much more explanation added than that. Take your Dad out for an afternoon of

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Deep Eddy Pool

Deep Eddy Pool is one of Austin's most iconic historic swimming spots, with roots as a Colorado River swimming hole. It's known for its summer Splash Party Movie Nights where the whole family can watch movies from the refreshing waters of the pool. Combining man-made infrastructure with natural springfed water, this gorgeous community centerpiece is always bustling with events and makes an excellent summer spot to become a "regular" at.

Quarry Splash Pad

Quarry Splash Pad is located in Leander and is an exceptionally beautiful newer splash pad, characterized by its imitation of a natural setting. Artificial rock formations, lush, treed surroundings, and stunning shade pergolas add to the scenery, while adjoining Southwest

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From the simplest of homes to the most luxurious, an outdoor living space is a modern staple. Whether it's for the peace of mind that comes from unwinding al fresco, the necessity of escaping the heat in the summer, or simply because the high quality, hardy, and yet beautiful materials available to us these days make it possible to create ultra-elegant spaces without them being ruined by the elements, outdoor living spaces — a timeless concept — are becoming more and more of a necessity for many homebuyers. When you first look into crating your own, you might be bombarded with images of luxury estates overlooking a private lake or massive Hill Country homes with gourmet outdoor kitchens, soaker pools, guesthouses, and natural stone pillars. But that

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Summer's coming up and its time to prepare for sweltering temperatures, long hours of sunshine, and plenty of time spent outdoors. In many cities across the country, preparing your house for winter is an annual task that takes a significant amount of time and effort. Austinites are a little luckier in that they don't have to expect huge temperature swings that require extensive domestic upkeep. That being said, there is a wealth of things you can do to make a season more comfortable — and enjoyable. Here's how you can get your Austin house summer-ready and keep yourself comfy so that you can enjoy the entire season whether you're on vacation or back in your home every day.

Replace Your Curtains

Trade curtains for blinds or shades — these gather less