Is it Time to Downsize Your Austin Home?

Posted by Diane Johnson on Monday, May 14th, 2018 at 11:58am.

Downsizing your Austin home

Are you a recent retiree or empty-nester living in an Austin home that is simply too big for your personal needs? This is the case for many people as they start to age out of their family home and look for something a bit smaller, and more manageable. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with downsizing your Austin home, and, in fact, for many Austin residents, it’s a great way to feel rejuvenated and free in your golden years. 

Here’s everything you need to know about downsizing your Austin home:

Signs It's Time to Downsize 

As we grow up and enter the working world, the status quo is to aim for a big house with a big yard. When you’re raising a family, that’s not a problem, but as your kids move out, you may start to feel that your big home is a little too large for you and your partner. Some signs that it’s time to downsize include: 

You have unused rooms: When the kids move out, they’ll take their belongings and leave empty rooms. If your current home is filled with unused space and rooms that never see life, it might be time to downsize.

You’re tired of cleaning and maintaining the space: A large house is great if you’re ready to put in the work. More rooms means more cleaning and a larger yard leads to more yard work, grass mowing, and more. Additionally, you may find yourself having to invest money in maintenance for things like a new gutter or roof. 

Expenses are going up: Even if you are finished or almost finished paying off your mortgage, you may start to notice expenses going up with your big family home. Aging furnaces and HVAC units, inefficient plumbing systems, and repairing old and worn-out components can start to get pricy. Chances are, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned retirement cash on new windows for your old home. 

Any number of these reasons point to downsizing your Austin home. In addition to making more efficient use of space, you can also enjoy these benefits: 

  • More modern living quarters
  • Less maintenance and cleaner
  • Closer proximity to your favorite amenities
  • Fewer expenses
  •  A fresh start 

What are Your Options? 

For Austin retirees hoping to downsize from their family home, the opportunities are endless. Depending on your unique situation and personal tastes, you can take advantage of a variety of downsizing options. Here are a few to consider: 

Move into a condo: Austin is seeing a big development in new condo buildings. For retirees and empty-nesters looking to downsize, this is one of the most popular options. Investing in a condo allows you to stay close to the action of downtown, while also eliminating the annoying maintenance and repairs that come with an older home. In a condo, you pay a monthly condo fee for the maintenance and repairs to be done for you. Additionally, condos today are modern, spacious, and comfortable with brand-new appliances, huge bright windows, and many other amenities including pools, fitness centers, party rooms, and more. 

Head to Hill Country: Hill Country is a popular retirement area for Austin residents looking to downsize their homes. With a wide range of communities available, buyers can find exactly what they are looking for in their own personal price range and with the amenities and custom features they want. Many properties in Hill Country are cottage-style dwellings, and you’ll feel like you are on a personal vacation thanks to the beautiful, peaceful scenery, and amazing, local, vacation-style amenities. 

Downsizing Tips 

As you look around your home and notice the years of memories literally hanging from the walls, you might feel a little wistful and hesitant to downsize. The idea of getting rid of decades of your belongings might seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be so! There are a few guiding principles you can use to help you downsize your Austin home. Here are a few of our top tips: 

  • Start small and tackle one room at a time
  • Take an inventory of your belongings; you can use a spreadsheet or other organizing software, or even a simple list.
  • If you have duplicate items, get rid of those first.
  • Host a garage sale or post items on Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji.
  • You can even put items on your lawn with a “Free!” sign. Chances are, people will pick everything up in no time.
  • Do you have a chair that never gets sat on? Get rid of it! Sell or give away all furniture that you don’t use.
  • Use a tape measure to ensure that the furniture you intend on keeping will fit in your new home.
  • Ask your kids to help! During the organization process, they might find some items they’d like to keep, which means it will stay in the family, but not take up space in your new home. 

Whether you’re downsizing to a stylish condo in Austin or you wish to get out of the city and plant some roots in Lake Travis or Hill Country, downsizing your Austin home is a great idea for many people. To get started on finding your ideal downsized property, contact Keller Williams Austin Realty today.

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