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The Top Luxury Condos in Austin

Living in an Austin luxury condo building is the definition of effortless cool. With a city like Austin, who wants to spend their weekend’s cutting grass or performing home repairs. Austin luxury condos are your no-maintenance choice to get the most out of the exciting city of Austin. 

It also helps that the majority of luxury condos in Austin are located in the incredible downtown core. With exceptional nearby amenities, unique shops, fine dining, and a diverse vibe, luxury condos in downtown Austin are a perfect choice for active buyers looking to enjoy everything the city has to offer. 

Continue reading for an insider look at some of the top luxury condo buildings in Austin: 

The Austonian

 As the tallest residential building in Texas, The

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Where to Live in Austin If You Work For Apple
Although Apple is known primarily for its Silicon Valley campus in Cupertino, CA, one of the biggest campuses the company has is actually the corporate one located in Austin. With over 6,000 people working there, the Austin Apple campus is a huge employer in the area. 

They say that when choosing a home, you have to think of three things – a housing triangle – if you will. Cost, location, and comfort are usually the three main considerations, and many agents will suggest choosing two that are important and one that you’d be willing to compromise. But for Apple employees in Austin, there are several nearby neighborhoods to choose from where you won’t have to compromise on anything. Here’s a rundown of some of the best places to live if you work for

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Austin Events, Spring 2018
At Keller Williams Austin, we love springtime in Central Texas. Though March comes in like a lion, as they say, we know that it'll go out like a lamb—and there's so much to do once the city starts to shake off the frost and get moving again. From one of the largest music festivals in the country to several events celebrating the best of local food and drink, Austin might just be one of the best places to be this spring. There's plenty for families too—flying kites, finger painting, and egg hunts are just around the corner. And if you're looking for something a bit more subdued, it's the perfect time to start on that garden too.

With that in mind, here are some of the best events to check out during spring in Austin, Texas:

The 89th Annual ABC Kite

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Questions to Ask Before Buying an Old Austin Home

It can be stressful purchasing a home, but if the home is an older property it presents a different set of challenges altogether. Regardless of whether you are a first-time buyer or a home buying expert, you'll still need to make sure you are informed when looking at older Austin real estate. These properties can be so charming to look at as you approach them along a beautiful tree-lined street, on a perfect spring afternoon, and with your favorite coffee in your hand. However, regardless of how pretty the owners have made the home, how neat the yard looks, or how good the price may seem, you must consider a number of things before buying old Austin homes for sale.

Many old Austin homes are just oozing with vintage features and surrounded by lush

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Local Apps Every Austin Resident Should Know

Austin is such a thriving, vibrant city, with an overwhelming list of exceptional restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. Austin residents that have been living in the area their entire life may be able to navigate the city without any issues, but what about anyone that is newer to the city? Even if you have lived here your entire life, do you know all the latest and greatest restaurants in Austin? Do you know the top art galleries and the exhibitions that are currently taking place? Were you aware that your favorite artist was scheduled to perform two months from now? You may or may not be able to answer these questions off the top of your head, but the following Austin apps will put the answers right at your fingertips:

1. Go Austin


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Preparing Your Austin Home For Sale For the Spring Market
Traditionally, spring is the hottest time to put a house on the real estate market. Everything comes back to life from winter, and properties show in their best light with favorable weather conditions. There’s also more buyers in the area who’ve returned from vacationing, and they’re ready to see what’s out there! If you’re considering putting your Austin home on the market for spring, it’s better to over-prepare by starting now! Your Austin real estate doesn’t have to be perfect since there’s typically smaller competition in a seller’s market. Here are some quick updates that will pay off in the selling of your Austin home.

Polishing Up Exteriors

Take a good look at the overall appearance of the outside of your home, upclose and from a distance. If

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Austin food trends in 2018
Austin is a game-changer when it comes to staying at the top in various industries, but most famously, the Texan city continues to be a key candidate in setting and adopting food trends. For years, the city of Austin has earned its reputation of being a food mecca with one of the healthier populations in the country. Last year was one of the most important years for the grocery industry in history. Let’s see what Austin has on their menu for 2018 food trends.

1. Future Supermarkets

Supermarket trends this year have a deep focus on providing a holistic shopping experience. Everything from quiet stores without PA announcements, to rooftop gardens, and 100% waste- free retailers package-free, are just some of the changes that you’ll hear about in the

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New Austin developments to get excited about
People just can’t seem to get enough of everything that makes Austin "weird and wonderful", which is apparent when taking a look at some of Austin’s latest real estate developments. The internationally recognized “Boom Town” continues to sustain vibrant and innovative residential expansion attracting Austinites and buyers from all over the world who dig the inherent inimitability that’s found in this world-class city. With a barrage of cranes, detours, and jackhammers, it’s tough to keep up with the rapid changes we’re experiencing, but here are a few new Austin developments that are sure to stand out on the map.

Skyloft Student Apartments

507 West 23rd Street

The words student and luxury don’t always go hand-in-hand, but Austin has changed that

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Austin's the best place for Millennials to live

Over the years the millennial generation has acquired a variety of stereotypes, from being lazy to having a sense of entitlement. While not all stereotypes ring true, millennials are determined to satisfy all their needs and are the first generation unwilling to compromise or sacrifice their desired work, live, play lifestyle. This generation has high expectant standards and will not stay in any location long if it doesnt match to their core criteria:

  • Job Growth
  • Affordability
  • Availability of amenities
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Technology Engagement

With Ausint's booming tech industry, thriving environmental for startups and entrepreneurs, outstanding entertainment scene, and the overall high quality of life that residents

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Austin's the best place for Millennials to live

Purchasing a home for the first time is never an easy task and is not something to take lightly. Although it is an exciting adventure, a number of things need to be considered before you can begin the search for your very first home. Thankfully, Austin boasts many of these 'need to haves' factors, including affordability, which is why Austin has been ranked as in the top 20 cities in the U.S. for affordable median home prices.

Saving for a down payment on a house is perhaps the largest deterrent against first-time home owners; they pay attention to opportunities that allow them the chance to put as little money as possible into down payments while still getting what they want in the end: a place to call home.

Buying Versus Renting

The housing

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