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With the amount of Austin Real Estate Companies in the market we know it can be hard to decide who to work with.  We believe you will see that Keller Williams Realty Austin Realtors® are the best in town.  Until you discover which one of our agents you want to work with we are going to use this opportunity to help you navigate the Austin Real Estate Market.  Whether it is the infamous Austin Home Search you are trying to tackle, or considering being one of the Austin homes for sale, we have the market knowledge to help you every step of the way.

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College grad with question marksIt's no secret that Austin is popular among young professionals. The rich local culture, amazing property options, and thriving economy all contribute to a city that is ultra-appealing to a crowd that's not quite willing to continue a whirlwind student life but not quite ready to settle in the suburbs — or in the Texas Hill Country. The growing appeal among this crowd is clear to see; in fact, the number of college graduates aged 25 to 34 living in Austin increased by 44 percent between 2000 and 2012.

Since Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, we usually don't have to do much convincing for those who are considering settling here. That being said, if you're a) a recent local college grad who's considering leaving

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Model homes in varying sizesWhen we think of holding out for your ideal home, what often comes to mind is the process of saving over the years until you can by the grand estate you deserve. Then we stay there until retirement which is the appropriate time to downsize. But there is a wealth of reasons one might consider taking this step many, many years before retirement rolls around. Whether you're part of a large family or a small one, a couple, or a single professional, it's often possible to trim down on space and unnecessary belongings, and many people can find at least one reason that applies to their lifestyle. But downsizing requires careful planning and it may not be right for everyone. Here are 3 key questions to ask yourself to help you make the decision.

What Potential

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Real estate market concepts you should knowWhen it comes to searching for or selling a home, you're likely going to come across market concepts that you haven't previously encountered or researched. Don't worry — this happens to even the most seasoned buyers. Each time you buy a home, or as you become more involved in real estate, you'll likely want to understand the market better. While the concepts listed here may not always pertain directly to the success of your purchase or sale, they simply make you more knowledgeable about local trends—and that's always beneficial. Whether you thought it was "too late to ask", or you skipped over these 9 terms in favor of more pressing data, read through this handy list and you'll automatically have conquered the first step to an in-depth understanding of

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Pros and cons of buying an old homeThe decision of whether or not to buy an older home can be a tricky one. Often, older homes represent the kind of charming, fairytale-like dwelling we dreamed of as kids. They represent history, an idealized version of "simpler times", and unlike many of the fads that have come and go over the years (we're looking at you, Brutalist architecture), many historic home styles are timeless; classic. But, as you suspected, there are a wealth of pros and cons that should be considered before making the decision. Once you've looked at all the angles and have decided you still want to make an offer on that charming heritage home, you'll be much more confident in your choice.


Frivolous Maintenance

Home maintenanceIf you're up for the light challenge of putting in a

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Reasons your Austin home isn't sellingYou've done all the work. You've had a home evaluation and listed your house accordingly. You've spent hours online looking up homes similar to yours to see what they've sold or are selling for. You've asked around, even stared longingly at "SOLD" signs on your block.

"Why isn't my house selling?" is a question we often hear. Luckily for you, we have some pretty good advice. Demand for homes is high in Austin's sizzling seller's market, so it's usually easy to pinpoint where you've missed a beat in your selling process. Check out our 5 reasons your Austin home isn't selling below so you can make sure you've covered all your bases!

Your Marketing Isn't The Absolute Best

Home marketingIf you or your agent didn't do everything they possibly could to market your

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Deadly mistakes first time home buyers makeBuying your first home can be a daunting experience—especially when the web is filled with spooky articles like this one, detailing all the mistakes first-time homebuyers can make. But that doesn't have to be you! As long as you're well-prepared and have done in-depth research (which any buyer, even old hands should be doing), you'll be equipped to take on the market. You may have already read our first-time buyer's guide. If you've covered all those bases, it's time to take the plunge and read one of those intimidating articles about first-time home buying mistakes. But don't worry: as long as you avoid these 5 common slip-ups and oversights, you'll be certified to take on what can turn out to be the experience of a lifetime — risk-free!

Believing In

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Reduce energy consumption at home: A how-toA couple weeks ago, we mentioned energy expenses as one of the top 5 things you should be picky about when buying a new home. Once you start considering your energy expenditures in-depth, factoring it into the price of your new house, and looking for ways to cut costs, you're left with several options. You'll definitely want to have your home energy audited. Doing so can help you decide where to invest — and it'll save you in the long run. Whether you're assessing a potential purchase or the home you currently live in, the best place to start is with a DIY audit.


Conduct A Thermal Inspection

Conducting a thermal inspection should be an integral part of any energy audit methodology. There are several ways you can do this. The most effective

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Austin's market is booming and new developments are popping up at a rate that often seems unbelievable. From sleek city high-rises to spacious Hill Country estates, these properties often make it seem like selling a more established home will be a time-consuming and difficult task. While that's not entirely true, as many buyers are looking for older or smaller homes, it certainly doesn't hurt to add value where you can. Whether you're looking for a stylish renovation to enjoy yourself, or you're hoping to sell ASAP, these measures can help transform your property into something as good as one of those gorgeous new homes — and maybe even more desirable to certain buyers.


Toss the carpets

Ripping up your carpets might be the key to

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What Are Closings Costs?

what are closing fees when buying a homeAs real estate agents, one of the biggest things  we encourage all of our clients to do is to apply for a mortgage before you start your home search. However, there are some additional costs to closing the deal on the home and mortgage that can sometimes sneak up on clients and turn a great buying experience into a stressful one.

After you've applied and are accepted to receive a mortgage, you find a home that you love and proceed to 'lock in' on the commitment. In the real estate world, this is called 'closing', and there can be several fees and costs that are charged to the buyer by the lender and third parties. Don't let all of these hidden fees sneak up on you! We've organized the most common fees and costs that apply to

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Features of a smart homeWe've talked a lot about smart homes recently. In fact, the topic is kind of a guilty pleasure for many of us : we love browsing photos of them, admiring their efficiency and the ecological awareness that was put into them. But we tend to look at these homes as something of a fantasy — a dream home that we may own one day, just not today. We're happy for those who are able to enjoy such luxuries but for most of us, the prospect of reaching net zero is just not feasible. The fact of the matter is, smart houses are very often special projects — new developments or specifically comissioned designer homes, often with a luxury price tag. 'Smartifying' older homes seems out-of-the question, and most new homes don't come outfitted with cutting-edge technology,