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Graphic on choosing a family neighborhood

There's always a lot to think about when you're considering moving to a new neighborhood, whether you're relocating within your city or to a new one. The search is tough enough when you're just looking for yourself or yourself and a partner, but if you're planning on having children sometime in the near future, things get taken to a whole new level. Suddenly you have to worry about more than affordability and proximity to the nearest brunch spot. You have to worry about more than just you! Years of planning will be taken into consideration and you might find yourself more discerning and more nervous about choosing the right home.

But worry not. Finding the right home to start a family in is just a matter of thinking big-picture. Consider the items

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Whether you own a resale or new construction Austin home, there almost certainly are extra steps you can take to make your residence even more eco-friendly than it already is. While the path to a "green house" might be longer for those with older homes — many newly built Austin-area homes were built with green initiatives in mind — almost everyone can benefit from embracing eco living. That being said, figuring out how to start doing so can sometimes be a little overwhelming or intimidating. That's why we've put together this handy checklist for you; so, whether you want to fully reinvent your home for maximum efficiency and minimum impact, or just make a few small changes, you know your options.

Think About Your Water Usage

There are plenty of

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Four Seasons Residences Condo Spotlight Graphic

Discover Four Seasons Residences

One of Austin's most desirable and luxurious downtown condo complexes, the Four Seasons Residences, represents the perfect combination of the hotel chain's signature sophistication and the comfort and privacy of homeownership. Situated just moments from the shores of Lady Bird Lake, this sparkling beacon of luxury living offers quality in every aspect. Its grand entrance is shaded from the street by a thick canopy of lush trees, giving it a nice sense of privacy and a garden-like setting. Completed in 2010, it offers an assortment of classic condominium options. Although they range in size from less than 1,000 square feet to more than 2,200 square feet, all homes at the Four Seasons are beautifully finished with

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Austin College Grad Banner


College grad with question marksIt's no secret that Austin is popular among young professionals. The rich local culture, amazing property options, and thriving economy all contribute to a city that is ultra-appealing to a crowd that's not quite willing to continue a whirlwind student life but not quite ready to settle in the suburbs — or in the Texas Hill Country. The growing appeal among this crowd is clear to see; in fact, the number of college graduates aged 25 to 34 living in Austin increased by 44 percent between 2000 and 2012.

Since Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, we usually don't have to do much convincing for those who are considering settling here. That being said, if you're a) a recent local college grad who's considering leaving

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Banner -- Austin's Best Tacos

Tacos are at the heart and soul of Austin's cuisine scene, and despite their essentiality, we've never focused exclusively on tacos in one of our food posts! Maybe it's because there's a wealth of rich information out there already — but you can never talk too much about tacos in ATX.

One of the great things about dining in Austin is the variety in atmospheres — from street food to gourmet meals in a luxury hotel, there's something to fit every occasion. We've tried to capture that variety in this post, so that you have some ideas of which spot to choose based on how you're feeling and what you're up to. Of course, we'd love your local input as well, so if you think we've missed a venue that needs to be mentioned, share it with us in the comments

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2017 Interior Design Graphic

It's that time of the year again; the commencement of a new year of fresh & exciting interior design trends. In 2016, we discussed the popularity of everything from handle-free cabinetry to wall ovens and ashy wood flooring. But don't panic at the advent of a new year of stylish ideas for the home — most of these trends can be blended with timeless or trendy features from previous years. And you know best what'll fit in your home.

Knowing what's en vogue isn't about trying to keep up with the home magazines; it's all about giving you exciting ideas for your home so that you can find what you like. If you're feeling inspired, explore the fun and innovative concepts below and see if anything stands out. If something seems like it would bring you joy

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2017 Homeowner Resolutions

2017 is well on its way, and while resolutions are already starting to dwindle, your goals for the year don't need to. Rather than setting lofty benchmarks that you dread working toward, make this the year for taking care of your home. Nothing is quite as satisfying as working on and improving the house that you live in, so why not fill this year with mini-objectives that allow you to maintain and improve your home?

We've put together this month-by-month /seasonal guide, starting with maintenance essentials and working up to little luxuries. By 2018, you should have a home that's perfectly kept up, clean, organized, efficient, and beautiful. Ready to get started? Here's your guide to 2017 homeowner resolutions, from now until August.


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Mid century home graphic


Mid-century homes are something of a polarizing property type. Some people avoid them at all costs, perhaps because they spent too many years in them already. Others seek them out exclusively, perhaps due to the way their vintage flair offers an air of nostalgia while remaining sleek and stylish. While this interior and architectural style is reemerging in popularity, not everyone with a mid-century home or considering buying one knows what to do with it. These distinctive homes can look perfectly on-trend or completely outdated, depending on a fine balance of elements. If you're looking for some mid-century modern inspiration, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Embrace The Decade

Couple dining in chairsIf your house has midcentury bones, trying to

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One of the most convenient add-ons you can give your Austin home —and as part of a DIY project— is a home gym. Home gyms are great because they can save you money, range from bare-bones to luxurious, and can easily be disassembled and reverted back to a plain room should you decide to sell, unlike pricey, potentially damaging additions such as pools. By creating your own beautiful at-home gym, you'll conserve on commuting fuel and time that can accumulate for those who drive to the gym, with the additional bonus of peace, serenity, and privacy. If you're in the beginning stages of planning out your ideal at home gym, here are a few tips to remember before you begin.

Consider Various Rooms

The garage is a classic spot to hold a home gym, but it

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