August 2018

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Zilker Austin Texas
Austin could very well lay claim to being the most reinvented city in all of Texas over recent years, and there’s a whole host of reasons for that. It’s always been a more culturally vibrant city in comparison to others in the State, and the very successful development of the city’s high-tech sector has gone a long way in bringing in many new young professionals. Most who are bright and for the most part in just the right age bracket to make life in Austin much more ‘happening’ than it was in decades previous.

Along with this boom has come an uptick in demand for Austin real estate, not surprisingly, and while that’s a city-wide trend we really think there’s great value in homes in Zilker in Austin and the appeal of them is furthered by the fact that

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Community Spotlight Travis
Many people won’t know that the Travis Heights neighborhood of Austin, TX is also called South River City. That lesser-known name for the area is based on it’s location in relation to the waterway, but no matter what name you choose to assign to this neighborhood it really is one of the better ones in Austin when it comes to checking all the ‘quality of life boxes’ for prospective buyers weighing the possibility of buying Austin real estate.

For starters, this area is trendy with a capital T and then some. That identity is created by the types of young people who have moved in over the last decade and the fact that there is plenty in the way of establishments that cater to people who like to get out and enjoy themselves, especially along South Congress…
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