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One thing first-time homebuyers in Austin and Greater Austin have no shortage of is choice. This region is rich with options and buyers can often find themselves asking a series of questions:

"Should I buy a detached house or a condo?"
"Should I buy in a master-planned community or a regular subdivision?
"How important is an HOA?
"Should I go for a traditional or contemporary style home?

But by far, one of the most significant questions we hear from first-time buyer clients is "should I buy a new construction or a resale home?" Austin and the communities that surround it are rich with beautiful brand-new developments created by a variety of prestigious builders. You'll often hear Austinites touting the endless advantages of new construction living.

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Graphic on choosing a family neighborhood

There's always a lot to think about when you're considering moving to a new neighborhood, whether you're relocating within your city or to a new one. The search is tough enough when you're just looking for yourself or yourself and a partner, but if you're planning on having children sometime in the near future, things get taken to a whole new level. Suddenly you have to worry about more than affordability and proximity to the nearest brunch spot. You have to worry about more than just you! Years of planning will be taken into consideration and you might find yourself more discerning and more nervous about choosing the right home.

But worry not. Finding the right home to start a family in is just a matter of thinking big-picture. Consider the items

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Whether you own a resale or new construction Austin home, there almost certainly are extra steps you can take to make your residence even more eco-friendly than it already is. While the path to a "green house" might be longer for those with older homes — many newly built Austin-area homes were built with green initiatives in mind — almost everyone can benefit from embracing eco living. That being said, figuring out how to start doing so can sometimes be a little overwhelming or intimidating. That's why we've put together this handy checklist for you; so, whether you want to fully reinvent your home for maximum efficiency and minimum impact, or just make a few small changes, you know your options.

Think About Your Water Usage

There are plenty of

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