January 2017

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Banner -- Austin's Best Tacos

Tacos are at the heart and soul of Austin's cuisine scene, and despite their essentiality, we've never focused exclusively on tacos in one of our food posts! Maybe it's because there's a wealth of rich information out there already — but you can never talk too much about tacos in ATX.

One of the great things about dining in Austin is the variety in atmospheres — from street food to gourmet meals in a luxury hotel, there's something to fit every occasion. We've tried to capture that variety in this post, so that you have some ideas of which spot to choose based on how you're feeling and what you're up to. Of course, we'd love your local input as well, so if you think we've missed a venue that needs to be mentioned, share it with us in the comments

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2017 Interior Design Graphic

It's that time of the year again; the commencement of a new year of fresh & exciting interior design trends. In 2016, we discussed the popularity of everything from handle-free cabinetry to wall ovens and ashy wood flooring. But don't panic at the advent of a new year of stylish ideas for the home — most of these trends can be blended with timeless or trendy features from previous years. And you know best what'll fit in your home.

Knowing what's en vogue isn't about trying to keep up with the home magazines; it's all about giving you exciting ideas for your home so that you can find what you like. If you're feeling inspired, explore the fun and innovative concepts below and see if anything stands out. If something seems like it would bring you joy

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2017 Homeowner Resolutions

2017 is well on its way, and while resolutions are already starting to dwindle, your goals for the year don't need to. Rather than setting lofty benchmarks that you dread working toward, make this the year for taking care of your home. Nothing is quite as satisfying as working on and improving the house that you live in, so why not fill this year with mini-objectives that allow you to maintain and improve your home?

We've put together this month-by-month /seasonal guide, starting with maintenance essentials and working up to little luxuries. By 2018, you should have a home that's perfectly kept up, clean, organized, efficient, and beautiful. Ready to get started? Here's your guide to 2017 homeowner resolutions, from now until August.


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