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Staying fit in the summer is easy, but keeping your routine seamless throughout the fall and winter can be a little bit tougher. Sure, Austinites enjoy great weather year-round, but there's something about the holiday season and the end of extended daylight that makes staying in tip-top shape just a little less easy. Luckily, living here means you'll always have a reason to stay motivated! Why? Well, firstly, Austin is home to a very active community. Getting out there and finding others to keep you on your toes will be no problem. Best of all? The fitness community is completely unpretentious and 100% encouraging. Plus, Austin is at the forefront of the latest health and fitness trends, so if you're itching to try the most cutting-edge classes and

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Pennybacker Bridge, Austin Texas

If you love small-town living, but dream of prestigious job opportunities at growing firms in the city, you've probably had to think about commuting once or twice. Yet, committing to a commute can be daunting. When you already have to spend eight hours at work each day, having to tack on additional travel time seems like a big downside, but this doesn't have to be the case. Most Greater Austin communities, like Pflugerville, Round Rock, and Elgin are half an hour away from the city center. Half an hour is a short enough span of time to be reasonable, yet long enough that you can use that time to accomplish something.

Here are five ways to have a productive commute to work:

1. Read

If you're taking the train, you can use this time to curl up

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