August 2016

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Austin is a truly world-class city, and on the surface it may seem like an expensive one. But the truth is that the city is full of amazing opportunities that won't break the bank. Sure, if you're dining out every evening, paying entry fees to exclusive events, and trying every one of the latest must-sees that seem to pop up weekly, things might get pricey. But it's even easier to enjoy the city on a budget. If you're low on ideas, here are 27 hints that will spark your imagination and motivate you to explore ATX in thrifty and nifty ways.

1) Take a dip at a local pool

2) Find a sparkling swimming hole

3) Go for a city or wilderness hike

4) Explore Austin's free museums

5) Discover art & science synthesis at Art.Science.Gallery.


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Whether you've been thinking about redecorating ever since you returned from that ski vacation last winter or you're just looking for a new and timeless way to rejuvenate your home, the cabin look is unbeatable. Why? Well, there are several reasons this style is so appealing. Firstly, it'll never go out of style; from the original roughhewn structures the word "cabin" was defined by to the luxury lodges and chalets of today's resorts, this aesthetic has remained sought-after throughout every decade. Secondly, it's versatile. The cabin look can be tailored to be as rugged or as upscale as you like. Thirdly — but not lastly by any means — it's easy to accomplish. Here are 4 simple ways to make your home feel like the coziest cabin on the block so you can

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