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While Austin is home to one of the most exciting condo markets in the world, many of us still dream of the classic single-family house, either on a lush suburban lot or a stunning rural setting. Many also look at condos as temporary situations — trendy, stylish, and convenient arrangements that serve us for a short time before we can finally buy a home with a yard and a fence; a shed and a garage and lovely exterior shutters. But while condos may not have the romantic precedent of larger, detached homes, they offer their own set of draws. In fact, condos can be amazing homes that can last us a lifetime. If you're still not convinced that one is right for you, let us convince you with these 3 great reasons why a condo is just as great a purchase as any

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For many things in life there are no "right" and "wrong" ways; just different approaches. This is usually not thought to be true for homebuying. Of course, one can choose to interpret the homebuying process that way — it's just that you're likely going to miss out on some crucial things if you do. Successful homebuyers need to be savvy, informed, and willing to take calculated risks. They should be invested, but not fixated; expressive but not too emotional. Successful homebuyers are willing to take advice and decline it based on an in-depth and realistic comprehension of the buying process and the real estate market. It can take plenty of effort and compromise which isn't always fun. That's why we've provided you with 4 ways to avoid the challenges of a

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Austin is currently undergoing a massive real estate explosion. It has seen a rapid rise in population over the last couple years and is considered to be one of the fastest rising cities in North America. Families looking to move to Austin are actively searching for the best family-friendly neighborhoods.

The term family-friendly can be looked at in various ways.

  • A low crime rate
  • Educational opportunities
  • Parks and recreation options

Austin is widely considered to be one of the safest areas in Texas. The school districts in the area have been recognized for their various successes, and throughout Austin you can find several high-quality parks, trails, and sports fields.

Today, we are going to showcase three family-friendly

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