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It's finally spring and soon will be summer — and although Austinites enjoy great weather throughout the seasons, this time of year is perfect for trying new things. We live in a world class city where residents have the rare opportunity to craft their lifestyle exactly the way they want it. Every day can be a new experience around here and there are always fresh and exciting activities and experiences which both newcomers and seasoned residents will find enlivening. So, whether you want to find a new hobby for life or just sample some unique Austin offerings, you'll have no problem filling the season (and your calendar) with exciting things to do! Below you'll find a sampling of thrilling and enriching Austin experiences to help you get started.


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A thriving real estate market combined with innovations in material technology and a demand for sustainable construction have all allowed homes to increase in quality and beauty across the market. In this day and age, where a combination of granite countertops, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances is becoming a basic requirement for homes in almost any price range, what makes luxury stand out? How do you define what is and is not a luxury home? Today's buyers love simplicity and minimalism, yet they require more from their homes than ever before.

Simultaneously, as rich, heritage homes and their corresponding grandness become more and more rare, finding a stately historic home can be a valuable acquisition. Many of the best aspects of real

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Master-planned communities are at the forefront of Austin-area real estate, particularly in Greater Austin where space is abundant and the scenery is spectacular. While many master-planned communities are built exclusively with luxury properties, others are distinctly family-oriented. With so much to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down these innovative communities and isolate the one that best fits you. If you're just starting your neighborhood search, check out these 5 exemplary models of master-planned communities in Austin and discover exactly why they represent the future of real estate.


Dripping Springs, TX

Caliterra is a lavish luxury neighborhood of stately new homes in Dripping Springs. This opulent neighborhood offers a

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Austinites are a busy bunch; we're also major foodies. It's perhaps due to these two defining characteristics that our city now boasts one of the most exciting collections of breakfast venues worldwide. Locals have unparalleled choice when it comes to the first meal of the day; the city's breakfast offerings are as eclectic as they are innovative. So, forget that coffee and muffin on-the-go. Enjoy breakfast how it was supposed to be enjoyed — savored.

Whether you're craving a specific delicacy or are hoping to try something completely new, our dining scene has your back. If you're new to the breakfast scene, use this handy guide as a primer and an introduction to the life-changing world of breakfast in Austin.

Biscuits + Groovy

Biscuits + Groovy

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