February 2016

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Transform Your BathroomA couple of weeks ago, we made a series of predictions for homes in 2016, focusing exclusively on the kitchen — often considered to be a home's most valuable interior asset. This time we've decided to tackle the bathroom, a seemingly less important part of the house, but nonetheless one that can make your entire home feel outdated if neglected. Many of the trends listed here are combined together during remodeling — they all seem to complement each other perfectly.

While staying on top of the latest trends can be costly and difficult due to consistent change, it's always possible to opt for a classic base and make a few tweaks here and there each year, for a budget-friendly price. At the very least, knowing what's emerging as popular can help you

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New Austin restaurantsAs an Austinite, you've likely never run into a weekend dilemma in which you can't find a place to dine. We're not going to pretend you're out of options; that would be impossible. However, if you're one of Austin's many passionate foodies, there's nothing more exciting than a new eatery being added to our roster of world-class dining spots. Be forewarned: some of these have not opened yet. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't put them on your list now! Whether you're just looking for a place to spend Saturday evening with your family, or you're planning on restaurant-hopping every moment you can, having a fresh list of eats to try is one of the best gifts any burgeoning or seasoned gastronomy enthusiast could hope for. So, we've given you just that! Who

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Cozy homesWhether you're a bona fide homebody or you only get a few minutes a day to enjoy your personal enclave, you want to make it count. Coziness is one of the few things we can all add to our homes. Whether you own a luxurious estate or a simple little bungalow; a sleek modern condo or a cabin that takes you back in time, we all want our homes to feel comfy and snug. After all, what is a home but a protective shell from the world outside?

No one wants their home to feel like a cold museum where comfort is traded for beauty. So, if you've added your upscale finishes and your trendy pieces and you still feel that something essential is missing, try adding a dash of cozy with these 7 great tips! And best of all? You can do most of it with items you already

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Homes of the futureWhen we see images of the homes of the future, whether it be on TV, in movies, or in our imaginations while reading books — we tend to think of a very obvious high-tech aesthetic. But the future is here and the average homebuyer doesn't seem to look for the kind of garish, heavy technological features that were so commonly predicted in futurist media. So what are the real values at the core of futuristic homebuilding? What do buyers and builders really want from homes, and which of those wants are going to be delivered in the coming years? What, due to demand, will become commonplace? Here's a list of 7 interconnected factors that we see as the cornerstones of housing development in the near future, based on trends that we're already starting to see

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