December 2015

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Reasons your Austin home isn't sellingYou've done all the work. You've had a home evaluation and listed your house accordingly. You've spent hours online looking up homes similar to yours to see what they've sold or are selling for. You've asked around, even stared longingly at "SOLD" signs on your block.

"Why isn't my house selling?" is a question we often hear. Luckily for you, we have some pretty good advice. Demand for homes is high in Austin's sizzling seller's market, so it's usually easy to pinpoint where you've missed a beat in your selling process. Check out our 5 reasons your Austin home isn't selling below so you can make sure you've covered all your bases!

Your Marketing Isn't The Absolute Best

Home marketingIf you or your agent didn't do everything they possibly could to market your

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Deadly mistakes first time home buyers makeBuying your first home can be a daunting experience—especially when the web is filled with spooky articles like this one, detailing all the mistakes first-time homebuyers can make. But that doesn't have to be you! As long as you're well-prepared and have done in-depth research (which any buyer, even old hands should be doing), you'll be equipped to take on the market. You may have already read our first-time buyer's guide. If you've covered all those bases, it's time to take the plunge and read one of those intimidating articles about first-time home buying mistakes. But don't worry: as long as you avoid these 5 common slip-ups and oversights, you'll be certified to take on what can turn out to be the experience of a lifetime — risk-free!

Believing In

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Here at Keller Williams Austin, we are proud to give back to the communities that we serve. We recently gave out special holiday gifts to 19 local families battling cancer, infusing their holidays with a little more love. A total of 80 children received a present and everyone involved had a great time. See the video below!

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Buying a swimming poolA staple of any upscale home and many non-upscale homes in Austin, is an in-ground swimming pool. As a result, you may be considering installing a pool to supplement your current home. Or, maybe your dream home is on the market and you're wondering whether its pool will be a boon or a burden. Pools can be a costly addition to a home but when used and maintained properly, they can also be a major luxury. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself so you can decide whether owning a swimming pool is right for you.

How Often Will You Use It?

This may sound presumptuous, but the truth is that many of us can get caught up in the excitement of this kind of investment. You need to ask yourself several questions truthfully: who will be using it? If it's the kids,

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Reduce energy consumption at home: A how-toA couple weeks ago, we mentioned energy expenses as one of the top 5 things you should be picky about when buying a new home. Once you start considering your energy expenditures in-depth, factoring it into the price of your new house, and looking for ways to cut costs, you're left with several options. You'll definitely want to have your home energy audited. Doing so can help you decide where to invest — and it'll save you in the long run. Whether you're assessing a potential purchase or the home you currently live in, the best place to start is with a DIY audit.


Conduct A Thermal Inspection

Conducting a thermal inspection should be an integral part of any energy audit methodology. There are several ways you can do this. The most effective

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