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Austin's surrounding areas host flourishing real estate markets and Georgetown is no exception. This small city is, in some ways, its own miniature Austin, with plenty of the historic and modern to keep everyone invested. Georgetown real estate is the perfect spot to buy a spacious country estate with plenty of rich local history — or a sparkling new home in a master-planned community. To get to know the community better, browse the MLS Listings for Georgetown or take a day trip to Georgetown! Stop by open houses, popular neighborhoods, and visitor attractions, using our handy little guide to Georgetown real estate & city life.

Top 3 Georgetown Neighborhoods to Visit

Georgetown's real estate market is highly diverse. If you don't know what you're

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Austin's market is booming and new developments are popping up at a rate that often seems unbelievable. From sleek city high-rises to spacious Hill Country estates, these properties often make it seem like selling a more established home will be a time-consuming and difficult task. While that's not entirely true, as many buyers are looking for older or smaller homes, it certainly doesn't hurt to add value where you can. Whether you're looking for a stylish renovation to enjoy yourself, or you're hoping to sell ASAP, these measures can help transform your property into something as good as one of those gorgeous new homes — and maybe even more desirable to certain buyers.


Toss the carpets

Ripping up your carpets might be the key to

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Most seasoned buyers know which questions to ask when purchasing a new home. There are the questions they should ask themselves, their real estate agent, and the seller. Sometimes when we have the basics down and a home has met all our seemingly discriminating criteria, we can forget to be picky. We can also feel guilty about nitpicking or wonder whether we can really do better than a given property. But buying a home is no trifling decision — in fact, it's one of the times when you can and should be as selective as possible, and doing so can help you save on time, money, and effort in the long run. Here are 5 things you won't want to overlook when buying your next home!


What Will Your Energy Bills Look Like?

Energy bills can be

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Austin is a foodie's haven, with top notch cuisine from around the world and a meal available to settle any and every craving. Yet for those of us who have full schedules until late evening or night, those options are often cut in half. But eating out at night doesn't always mean you have to settle for burgers and fries (unless you want to). Here is a roundup of some of Austin's best late-night gourmet luxuries, so you can enjoy high-quality food — and endless choice — 24/7.



La Mexicana Bakery

Family-owned and undeniably cozy, this charming bakery has a unique selection which challenges the notion that late night food has to consist of standard diner fare or savory dishes. Featuring a menu with options such as iced cakes, Mexican pan dulce

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