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Halloween is coming, and with it, the annual dilemma of which Austin event to attend. The answer, of course, depends on your preferences and your situation. Are you bringing children? Are you hoping to avoid spending too much money? Outdoors or indoors? Here, we have rounded up some of Austin's coolest events so that you can easily find the one that's right for you!

If You're Bringing Kids

Pumpkin Patch | Austin is filled with pumpkin patches that can provide an hour or a day of fun! Come out and grab your favorites before Halloween. Whether you plan to craft the best Jack O' Lanterns in the neighborhood or you want to enjoy some delicious pumpkin pie, check out the city's most beautiful crops for a perfectly autumn experience. Open hours at

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2015 has been an exciting year for Austin in terms of real estate, culture, and recreation. The excitement is only set to increase with the extraordinary number of projects that have recently opened or announced. Here is a round-up of our top 5 projects coming to Austin (or newly arrived). From cuisine to condos, these leave you with endless choice — whether you're deciding where to eat tonight or where to live for the next 10 years!



Juniper is a unique Italian restaurant that unveiled its location on Tuesday, October 13th 2015. While Austin has a wealth of amazing Italian restaurants — some of the best, in fact — this is not your typical pizza and pasta joint. Juniper's chefs will craft dishes based on traditional Northern Italian

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Want to experience Austin at its best? Austin is a high-tech city, and everything is interconnected — so what better way to maximize your lifestyle than to get connected to some locally favored mobile apps? Whether you're looking to save time (so you can do more), find events, or just make things easier on yourself, explore our sampler of top 7 apps below. Many Austinites will find themselves using an app for almost everything in their daily lives. These apps are perfect for those who are just getting started in their digital Austin life — as well as more seasoned users.


Brewdrop is one of Austin's top delivery apps. If you're preparing to host a dinner party and don't have time to pick up a bottle of wine, or you're in the middle of

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What Are Closings Costs?

what are closing fees when buying a homeAs real estate agents, one of the biggest things  we encourage all of our clients to do is to apply for a mortgage before you start your home search. However, there are some additional costs to closing the deal on the home and mortgage that can sometimes sneak up on clients and turn a great buying experience into a stressful one.

After you've applied and are accepted to receive a mortgage, you find a home that you love and proceed to 'lock in' on the commitment. In the real estate world, this is called 'closing', and there can be several fees and costs that are charged to the buyer by the lender and third parties. Don't let all of these hidden fees sneak up on you! We've organized the most common fees and costs that apply to

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austin ghost townWe all know that Austin, TX is one the greatest cities in the world. With an ever-growing community of diverse minds and talents, a booming real estate industry, and a thriving music and entertainment scene envied by so many others far and wide, there's very little reason to live elsewhere.

But the Live Music Capital of the World isn't the only Austin on the map, nor is it the only place to enjoy some real estate. And while the name "Austin" certainly holds a special place in our big ol' Texan hearts, "Austin" as a place name means something to other people, too. Let's take a quick tour and explore the other Austins around the world!


Austin, USA

spam breakfastIn the US alone, there's not one, but nine Austins to visit (including two in Illinois). There's

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