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austin city limits preparationWith Austin City Limits just around the corner, it's the perfect time to get organized! We tell you how to prepare for Austin City Limits so you can have the best festival experience of your life.

1. Know Where You're Going

Whether you live down the street or across the country, knowing where to go should be at the top of your "to do" preparation list. Use the map and plan your routes. Here are some important destinations you should be aware of:

Box Office - If you don't have your wristband, this will be stop #1. Locate it on the map and plan your transit route accordingly (pro tip: bicycles get closest to both entrances).

Wristband Activation - Keep an eye on this venue and try to get there while the line is low. Activating your wristband

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It's been an exciting summer in Austin, rich with events both indoor and outdoor. As fall approaches, you may be wondering how to keep your days packed with social, educational, and artistic local fun. And you're in luck — fall in Austin is just as thrilling and chock full of activities as summer —with its own seasonal flavor. In fact, some of Austin's biggest events are happening very soon! Here are 3 upcoming festivals to keep you and your kin enjoying the best of Austin through the coming season:


ACL or the Austin City Limits Music Festival is no simple block party, a flyer-poster community event that a few people sprinkle into on their way to other errands. ACL is huge. Running for six sequential days and featuring more than 130 acts, this

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5 Easy Lawn Alternatives To GrassEvery season we see a posy of new home and gardening trends that arise swiftly and then disappear just as fleetingly- not dissimilarly to trends in electronics, clothes, or anything else. However, there is one movement that has blossomed over the past few years which possesses unmatchable staying power for a variety of reasons. That movement is the drift toward lawn alternatives – in other words, finding lower-maintenance, lower-cost, and more eco-friendly substitutes for the classic turf grass-covered lawns that have been a fixture of homes for hundreds of years.

Homeowners choose grass alternatives for a variety of reasons. Maybe you don’t have time for weeding, fertilizing and other maintenance matters. Perhaps you want to cut costs on your hydro

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As we all know, square footage can be a major factor in determining the price of a home. So: what happens when we find the perfect home but want a little extra space for one or two features that may not have come with it? Do we invest in additions? Cut down walls? Splice 2 rooms? Well, we can. But when there are so many shortcuts, it's not always necessary to invest that much effort (and money). Introducing the method of constant conversion. Just as there are always more things we need in a home, there are also always things we don't need. Usually, we don't notice unnecessary or extra space as much: all too often these spaces get filled up with miscellaneous items or used as storage. If there's space, we'll find a way to fill it. But what's better than

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West Lake Hills homes

Austin is home to a wealth of luxury communities, featuring grand homes that look like they've been picked directly from the pages of an architectural magazine. One community that has remained exceptional for the design, luxury features, and pure aesthetic beauty of its homes is West Lake Hills. Located in the pristine peaks of Hill Country and bordered by the Colorado River, The Wild Basin Highlands, and the Lost Creek Bluffs, West Lake Hills homes look out at some of the most alluringly scenic vistas in Austin. A luxurious web of striking mansions and sprawling, modern estates, the properties of West Lake Hills are true works of art and are often considered to be design masterpieces. West Lake Hills embodies premier Austin luxury, and many aspire

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