August 2015

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Luxury housing in Austin is becoming increasingly in-demand as the city grows. Austin is home to a booming real estate market, and upmarket housing is becoming a dominant property type. Living in Austin can be costly — that's why for many of us, owning all the excess features of a luxury home is not always possible. From warming drawers, giant stone fire pits, and steam rooms, to expansive chef's kitchens, the characteristics of an Austin luxury property can seem out of reach. So, what should we do if we're hoping to enhance our home's luxury factor without breaking the bank? Well — we do it ourselves of course. Here are 4 of the most coveted luxury home characteristics that you can have in your own house just by putting a little DIY work in.


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Where to Watch the Perseid Meteor Showers In Austin TX

It's that time of the year again: the peak of summer. The Perseids are expected to light up the sky with optimal brightness this week, and skies should be clear enough to create a great show. However, we do live in a busy city, bustling with lights and sounds that go hand-in-hand with being a metropolitan center. So, the question stands: where can Austinites go to enjoy true night sky visibility? Well, sometimes it takes a little driving, but it will be worth it when you lie down and gaze up at the scenic celestial vistas! Whether you're an astronomy enthusiast, someone looking for a romantic night, or just want to grab some memorable photos, try these 6 Austin-area spots to get an unbeatable glimpse of the world's favorite meteor show!


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23rd Annual Lake Travis Balloon FlightLooking for something to do this Saturday, August 8th 2015? Even better — looking for something to do that's fun, free, family-friendly, and local? The weather is supposed to be fantastic, so why not head out to Mansfield Dam Park for some hot air balloon spectating? Our great city's very own Central Texas Ballooning Association will be out at the break of dawn setting up for the iconic flights, which are set to occur at 6:45 AM. It's recommended that you arrive at the event by 6 AM to find parking and a prime viewing spot.

What does this event offer? Well, first you'll get to see the course of action — how balloon pilots prepare for flight. They start by releasing small tester balloons to make sure the wind is right. After that — if conditions are

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