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Features of a smart homeWe've talked a lot about smart homes recently. In fact, the topic is kind of a guilty pleasure for many of us : we love browsing photos of them, admiring their efficiency and the ecological awareness that was put into them. But we tend to look at these homes as something of a fantasy — a dream home that we may own one day, just not today. We're happy for those who are able to enjoy such luxuries but for most of us, the prospect of reaching net zero is just not feasible. The fact of the matter is, smart houses are very often special projects — new developments or specifically comissioned designer homes, often with a luxury price tag. 'Smartifying' older homes seems out-of-the question, and most new homes don't come outfitted with cutting-edge technology,

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In a thriving real estate market like Austin's there can almost be too large a selection of homes, and a homebuyer can certainly face the dilemma of having to choose between multiple properties that fit the dream house definition. Often we find ourselves picturing our future lifestyles in a particular home and it can be difficult to decide what would best suit your aspirations. Austin real estate is one of the most diverse markets in terms of style: a rich history, complimented by a recent real estate boom has left locals with an eclectic range of homes inspired by design from every era and culture.

One of the biggest divisions when it comes to new communities and new real estate in Austin is that between contemporary and traditional styles. Luxury

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Upcoming Austin food eventsSummer in Austin can be hot — sweltering, even. Even with the fancy air cooling techniques we can have today, sometimes you just don't want to cook at home (unless you have an outdoor kitchen). That's when Austin's great roster of premier food events comes in handy. Summer (and fall!) in Austin is a treat for gastronomy lovers or anyone looking for a fun way to spend a day with the family. From ice cream to BBQ, here are some of the upcoming events where you can get a sample of Austin's delicious food culture! Grab your tickets, your friends, then sit back and indulge.

Reds, Whites, and Savory Bites!

Okay, so you may not be a sommelier yet but that doesn't meet you don't enjoy a good Texas wine! Taking place at one of downtown Austin's hippest

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Repurposing old buildings for new real estateWe've said it before: Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. As such, we've witnessed a rapid increase in real estate projects to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our growing population. While Austin has plenty of space for fantastic new neighborhoods, we are not starting from scratch: this city has a rich history. Like many historic cities with legacies spanning centuries, we have many high-quality buildings standing, in a variety of styles from each chapter in our municipal past. There are many reasons why repurposing an established building could be the best course to take: it's cost-effective; it saves a heritage facade; it's more eco-friendly; it inherits the cherished, reputable status of its predecessor.


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Fifth & West downtown Austin luxury condoAustin's luxury condo craze is thriving and is showing no signs of slowing down. Condominium buildings are often completely sold out before they open doors, and the demand for luxury high-rise living continues to grow. One promising up-and-coming residence is the Fifth & West complex at the edge of Shoal Creek. Set to open in 2017, this beautiful archetype of luxury is a first-rate addition to Austin's flourishing luxury condo crop. Here is a breakdown of this gorgeous tower's top highlights:

Endless Options

Fifth & West will attract all kinds of luxury lovers with its vast selection of style options to choose from. Recognizing that condo owners sometimes face less creative flexibility in their homes than owners of detached houses, leaders at Fifth

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Downtown Austin Condo Spotlight: The AustonianDowntown Austin is rife with world-class luxury condo developments, renowned for their exceptional and groundbreaking design. Though demand is high, many condo developers are aiming to incorporate features that set them apart from other developments and complexes are coming up with increasingly innovative ways to stay ahead. One such condo that has been notably successful in this endeavor is the prestigious Austonian. The Austonian stands as the tallest building in Austin, offering homeowners metropolitan views like no other residence in the city can.

The Austonian was built to be a game-changer in downtown Austin condo developments, and it has certainly fulfilled its goal. This futuristic vision of high-rise luxury living has transformed the Austin

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5 Great Places To Spend the Fourth of July In AustinAustin is one of the greatest cities in the country for Independence Day celebrations. One of the things that makes Austin stand out on this day is variety — we know there is no one way to celebrate! Whether you prefer crowd-filled, boisterous parties or something more relaxing, Austin has an event for you. From the classic to the quirky, here are 5 different ways to rejoice this year!

Hill Country Galleria Independence Day Festival

Hill Country Galleria is living up to its reputation and throwing one of the biggest, best, family-friendly Fourth of July Parties in Hill Country. This crowd-drawing event is set to feature plenty of local musicians and vendors. Visitors will delight in the lovely setups across Hill Country Boulevard and the fantastic

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