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keller williams austinWe recently shared a blog post on the feedback we had received from both the community and our employees in regard to our performance. Keller Williams Austin was astounded with just how happy our teams are and how our community involvement has made an impact. All of these results were made possible thanks to the bright minds in KW who have created the mechanisms that help us thrive. Here’s a quick look at how we strive for excellence and what sets us apart!

KW Maps Coaching

The KW Culture starts in the office, with agents who feel encouraged to learn and develop in their market centers. KW Maps Coaching is a nationwide program for associates looking to take the next step in their professional development. There are different programs for every stage

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march events austinWith the temperatures edging away from chilly and the sun high overhead, spring is en route. And with its arrival comes a whole swath of events for foodies, families, and fans.

Toast & Roast

A tasting brimming with notes of Texas wine country, Toast & Roast will highlight the top twenty Lone Star State wines, from the full-bodied and fruity to the oaky and bubbly. A roast feast courtesy of Chef John Bates is slated to follow, featuring pig, goat, and lamb. Tickets for this March 1 event are available for members and non-members alike.

Zilker Park Kite Festival

Watch as your kite soars high into the big blue skies! The Zilker Park Kite Festival is a family-favorite, with so many types of kites to fly and watch. If you’re ambitious about kite

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The local surroundings are part and parcel of living in east Austin. Homegrown artists and musicians thrive alongside the coffee roasters and fashion boutiques. Most of these storefronts have become institutions, frequented by repeat customers and stalwart fans who opt to live in the area specifically to enjoy the fringe benefits.

With a surge in real estate and Austin’s economy, it’s no surprise that some neighborhoods are seeing this new life. Injected with the Austin spirit, the homes and shops east of the interstate have a unique flair to their architecture, style, and eats. Here’s our guide to the latest treats and trends in East Austin.

east austin homesEating in East Austin

Eateries in East Austin are undoubtedly at the forefront of cuisine in Texas. From

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real-estate-imagingOver pixelated listing pictures are no longer the standard, and in a city with a strong inventory, agents are using every trick up their sleeves to create a unique listing for their clients. This is where Virtuance steps in, the leader in real estate imaging and the company making waves in the limited cities in which it operates. This month it opened its Austin doors, and it looks like they'll be boosting the competitive edge of the homes for sale in Austin.

According to Virtuance, homes with their pictures get 2-3 times more viewings than those that used other photography services, and the baseline packages start at just $149—a small price to pay for a marketing bump like that.

The secret behind these images is their in-house HDReal™ system. It

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austin restaurantsComedian Danny Palumbo has done it again, this time taking a satirical hit at Austin’s fine dining scene. The website he launched this week is for a conceptual restaurant, named Abbrev’s, that takes stabs at ultra-small plates, exclusivity, and pretention. It’s also a hilarious wink at food trends like molecular gastronomy.

So after theoretically dining on the crumbs and garnishes featured here, where should you go to actually satisfy your hunger? Here are some larger than life dining options that are sure to fit the bill. They’re also located just down the street from the fake storefront, in case that’s where you end up.

East Side Pies

Garlic knots, nacho veggie pizzas, and east side pockets. Looking alone at the typeface of this menu makes us

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austin real estateWhat was an amazing year for Austin real estate is now being followed up by another 52 weeks of prosperity. Sales were at record levels in December and Forbes recently listed the city as one of the best for investing. So it's no surprise that the real estate sphere is chock-full of new listings and ambitious developments. And on that note, here are a couple of stories that have made the news this week.


Approved on January 20, Sunshine Village Town Center is the future beacon of lifestyle, dining, and entertainment in Plfugerville. Slated for completion in just five years, this mixed-use development will be at the heart of many new homes by the time 2020 rolls around.

Austin's growth is the catalyst for projects of this type, as the

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Buying a home is expensive, but that doesn't mean you have to go broke in the process! Today we're sharing 5 money-smart tips for home buyers that will help you manage expenses, cut costs, keep your cash in the bank.

1. Know The (Real) Costs

From home inspections to lawyers' fees, there are a lot of "hidden costs" in home buying that aren't actually hidden at all. However, people don't focus on them in the home buying process, making it easy to overlook the costs until you're pulling out your credit card. You should expect to pay 2-5% for closing costs, excluding your down payment and any immediate expenses like new appliances. Also ensure your new monthly budget factors in mortgage payments, home insurance, life insurance, property taxes and

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