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austin investment propertiesTexas is kicking off 2015 with a bang, and Forbes has been reporting on the Lone Star state quite a bit as of late. While Houston was recently named the city with the most new construction in 2014, Austin is now being heralded as the number one city in the nation for investing in housing. In fact, the top ten cities included four more Texas towns.

Jobs are up and home prices are reasonable, making it easy to find prosperity in this city. So what do you need to know when investing in Austin real estate? Here are some quick tips to investment success.

Look for homes below the average value (Forbes listed it at $261,923). Your goal here is to find the happy medium between a home that you can rent easily (after minor repairs, or if you’re looking for a

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austin real estate closing processReceiving an accepted offer is exciting, but the next steps can be overwhelming. We've put together a step-by-step guide on the Austin real estate closing process, to help keep you on track and in the know.

Psst! This guide is for buyers who already have an accepted offer. If you're not quite there, check out our blog post on How To Make A Real Estate Offer!

Step 1: Pay The Option Fee

Adding the Option Period to a contract is standard, but does cost a small fee that must be paid immediately. An option fee is generally in the ballpark of $100 to $200 dollars.

Step 2: Pay The Earnest Money (Deposit)

When you wrote your offer, you likely included the amount of earnest money you're willing to pay in "good faith"—1% of the total price is a

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We’ve already blogged about Austin’s booming real estate, in both commercial and residential markets. We’ve also mentioned the increasing numbers of hotels making their mark on the map, and it’s these new arrivals that have caught our eye for design.

Slated to open this year, the JW Marriot and Hotel Van Zandt are on the cusp of interior design for the Spring/Summer 2015 season. Kimber Modern opened its doors and suites a few years ago, but its styled interiors never cease to amaze.

It’s this cutting edge take on space that interests us, and each hotel has looks we’d like to translate into our own houses. Here’s how we see the hotel design working at home.

JW Marriot-FEB 2015

austin home designThe JW Marriot will be a sight to revel in, and it’s just a few

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real estate offer in austin txYou've found your dream home. Now what? Find out exactly how to make a real estate offer in Austin, including the steps involved and the things you need to know, in this straight-forward guide.

First thing's first: notify your real estate agent! He or she will get to work with the paperwork, and set up a meeting to write the offer. In that meeting, your agent will walk you through the entire contract and ensure all your needs are met within it. Once you (and any co-buyers) have reviewed the documents and signed all the necessary fields, the offer will be sent to the sellers.

The sellers may accept your offer, reject the offer, or come back with a counter-offer. Note that if the seller signs what they receive, it is now legally binding, so ensure

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austin smart homes

Quote Stacker @QuoteStacker

Are your yellow pages currently stacked under a lopsided bookshelf or do they go straight to the recycling? Either way you probably haven't used them in decades. Instead we wade through online reviews to select services, reading and falling down a rabbit hole until we find the contractor that we're looking for.

QuoteStacker seeks to bring the convenience of the yellow pages to your browser. Simply choose a service category like pest control, and you're instantly presented with businesses and an average price quote. There's also tips on what to look for in your expert of choice. Reviews from different platforms are compiled into one simple scroll. From there you can get quotes from 5 service providers or just book

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Austin pools

With Austin's luxurious summer weather, warm fall, and mild winters it's little wonder swimming is a big part of life and play in this city. We have over 50 public pool facilities that includes neighborhood pools, splash pads, municipal & wading pools, and of course our famous Barton Springs.

Whether you are someone who likes to swim laps for full-body fitness workouts, or a family that enjoys splashing about on the weekends, there are Austin pools to suit everyone. But not all of our facilities are open year round, many close after the summer season at the end of August. We've put together a list of the city's best year-round pools so you can continue to enjoy the water inside or out during the winter months.

1. Big Stacy (Outdoor)


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relocating to texasHot summers and mild winters are the obvious choice for moving to Texas, particularly if you are leaving a sub-zero state. It could also be because things are touted as bigger and better, but what’s more likely is the strong economy. Employment prospects are through the roof, and the housing market has a solid inventory of options across Austin.

In fact, Texas had more new residents than any other state in 2014, according to the Texas Association of REALTORS®. So how do you go about making the big move?

If you’ve chosen to move to Austin, you’re in luck. Texas hospitality will see you through many of the roadblocks and obstacles, and having a knowledgeable local on your side will be your best benefit.

Get The Lay Of The Land

The best tool in

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austin luxury real estateLuxury home sellers are finding out that the Austin market is well worth the sometimes lengthy wait. While many homes listed at over $1 million take longer to sell, the sales in this bracket have been climbing.

According to the Texas Association of REALTORS® chairman Scot Kesner, it’s the growing population and employment prospects that are behind the luxury market boost. Austin has been the subject of immense growth characterized by a booming center, new housing developments, and an increase in hotel construction. The city’s economy is drawing residents from across the nation, and a handful of those newly minted Austinites, along with the stalwart homegrown residents, are looking to invest in homes above the one million dollar mark.

luxury real estateIn a city where

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bull creek land saleA recent land sale could be the start of exciting new development in the heart of Austin. The 75 acre tract of land runs along Bull Creek Road and W 45th Street and is currently a green space owned by the Texas Department of Transportation.

The winning bidders, Milestone Community Builders, are a homegrown, homebuilding firm. If their sale is finalized next year, Austinites could see Milestone at the forefront a new development. They've yet to release official plans, but talk surrounds single family homes. Their ultimate goal is to have the land project coincide with the goals and vision of the neighboring residents.

Milestone Community Builders are behind neighborhoods such as Shadow Creek in Buda and Addison in Southeast Austin. Just a few years

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home improvement DIYAs 2015 draws closer, you may be noticing that your home is looking a little tired. The holidays are chock-full of family visits, playing kids, and overall cheer, but your home has felt the strain. It's only natural that it could use a little TLC before 2015—a clean slate for a new year. Kick start your New Year's resolutions with goals for your home. Not only will you have an improved living space, but you'll be adding value to your home.

Touch Up

Small touch ups can make a world of difference in the appearance and overall atmosphere of your house. Start simple by assessing any paint jobs that are immediately visible. Break it down room by room, so it's easier to get a sense of the workload. Once you have a master list, sort the tasks into major

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