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How do property taxes work in Austin?

First, it's impotrant to understand that Texas has no state property tax. That means the state itself does not participate in the property tax process. Instead, property taxes are set and collected by the local government in which the property resides.

Austin property taxes are a local tax, used to pay for local services and programs. Examples include schools, hospitals, police and fire departments, road maintenance and other important community programs. Property taxes are the biggest funding source for these vital community services.

How do I get my property tax bill?

Property taxes are mailed out to each property owner by early October, and should arrive by November. You can also view your property tax bill and view any owing amounts using the tax office's online search.

How much are property taxes in Austin?

Property taxes vary each year, but historical trends can help home owners predict what their taxes may be. Here are the averages for a number of Austin cities, based on the 2010 through 2014 tax years:

Austin: 0.48
Bee Cave: 0.02
Cedar Park 0.49:
Elgin: 0.76
Lakeway: 0.18
Leander: 0.66
Manor: 0.81
Pflugerville: 0.58
Rollingwood: 0.18
Round Rock: 0.42
West Lake Hills: 0.05

Additional tax rates can be found on the website.

Why do property tax rates vary so much between Austin communities?

Because each local community sets their own tax rate, the amounts can vary quite a bit. Areas with higher taxes have higher budgets, and will often provide more services to residents. These services can include health and safety, maintenance and vita community programs.

When should I pay my property taxes?

Property taxes are due each year, at the end of January. For example, the 2014 property tax deadline was February 2, 2015, only because the 31st was a Saturday. It's highly recommended that you pay your property taxes prior to the deadline. After the deadline, a base tax of 7% is added to your taxes.

Are there any property tax exemptions in Austin?

Many people in Austin will qualify for an exemption for part of their property taxes, depending on which tax region they live in. We recommend checking with the Travis County Tax Office to determine whether you qualify for any of these Austin tax exemptions:

  • Homestead Exemption
  • Over 65 Exemption
  • Disability Exemption

How do I get an exemption?

Property owners who would like a tax exemption must apply for one to the Travis Central Appraisal District.

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