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Pets are important

It’s more then “We’re buying a Home”, “We’re selling a Home” or just plain “We’re Moving”.

You have taken your families needs into consideration. All their wants, needs, and desires when deciding what your looking for, where your going to end up and how your going to ultimately make the move. Have you thought about your pets? Animals love you unconditionally and want to be with you where ever you are. They don’t care if your living on the streets, in your car, or in a mansion. They just want to be with you. They have a comfort zone, whats around them and what they are familiar with that make them feel safe and secure. They love going places with you, seeing and smelling new things, all those sensory experiences but they like to come home to safety. Pets are comfortable in a safe, consistent environment. You can explain to your family and friends why your moving but you really can't do that for you pet. They trust you, you’re they whole life.

Let my 23 years of experience as a Realtor help you find that perfect home that fits your pets needs. Selling??? Buying?? Moving??? Ask me for helpful information the make the make the experience easier on your pets

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